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Serve in the Community

At the core, we are all about giving back to the Maasai community in gratitude for being our amazing hosts! 

We believe in giving back to the community, and helping to support families with economic development and self-reliance skills. We do this through a variety of projects, that you can get involved in as you choose. 

The Maasai in the communities near Kokoo’s Guest House are often living in extreme poverty, in spite of the safari industry being a big source of revenue in Kenya. Their income is seasonal, based on the fluctuation of guests visiting the Maasai Mara. 

One of our goals is to help families learn skills and receive resources that will help lift them out of poverty, and support them through the changes taking place in their communities. 

If you would like to include visiting and working with a Maasai family while staying at the guest house, we can make arrangements for that to happen!


Building a Garden Tower

We help families with nutrition by building Garden Tower Systems, and teaching self-reliance and gardening skills. 

Donate a goat to a family

Donating a goat to a family can provide milk and additional income. We donate pregnant goats, so that they can start their own breeding program. 

Donate a chicken

Many of our families have received egg laying chickens, providing them an opportunity to sell the eggs and breed chickens. 

Feminine Hygiene Kits

We provide reusable feminine hygiene kits for women and girls, who otherwise don’t have the ability to take care of menstruation each month. 

Donate a HopeSaC

The HopeSaC project provides fabric thermal cookers, to allow women to spend less time cooking over smoky fires. 

Rainwater Capture Systems

Because the Maasai Mara is an arid climate, we help as many families as possible with rainwater capture systems. 

Your donations will go 100% to the project you choose to support. For more information, see